One must live life, not waste it on other's expectations. After all, it is your life to live and no one else's.

As such, only you can achieve your dreams, as they are simply that - yours.

Don't waste time by putting things off. Start small; continue small if need be, but continue.

Do not be deterred by the feeling that you, or what you do is not good enough. You have it within you to create your dreams and succeed in your efforts.

Let not another's opinion cause you to falter. You are an amazing being of Light and no one has the power to dim your radiance unless you allow them to do so.

Go within your heart; call upon the truth of who you are and shine brightly, then watch all perceived limitations fall away as you stand in your brilliance

Remember, all you need to realise your dreams is the belief in yourself to achieve them. 

Michelle Auld 2004 ©