Crystal Jewellery

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Hello Beautiful Hearts,

It is my Joy to present here an assortment of unique crystal pendants for you to connect with.

Crystals are such a Beautiful expression of the Divine and it is an honour to work with so many of these precious beings as they are called forward in perfect timing to be reunited with their human and animal companions - their work together written within their codes, simply waiting to be activated and attuned once more in this lifetime.

You will most likely notice that I prefer to work with natural pieces or 'roughs', as the energy, for me, feels more pure and whole - they are unaltered in any way from their natural state. With that being said, there are the occasional polished pieces that I am guided to wrap - these crystal souls always have something specific to share with those who are guided to them.

Even though roughs may not be as visually impressive as some polished versions of the same crystal/stone, I find that they have a unique charm and beauty that makes them absolutely perfect as they are - each little scratch, dint or seeming imperfection tells a story of their existence up to this point, making them all the more precious in my eyes.

They are a little like us, don't you think 🙂

I use no glue in the making of my jewellery so as not to compromise the beautiful frequencies and spirit of the stone by the chemicals in adhesives. All are wrapped snugly within the wire; each design guided with the intent of bringing the stone's purest healing vibrations and assistance to its Beloved caretaker.​

Every piece is handcrafted using either Sterling Silver, Argentium Sterling Silver or 14 Carat Gold-filled wire. New pendants will be listed as I have time to create them.

As a part of my work, clients often see my crystal offerings before I have a chance to list them so if you are after something in particular, please drop me a line and enquire.

I also offer the service of wrapping your own personal stones and crystals so you may wear your favourite pieces, keeping them close to your heart.

For all enquiries or to purchase, please contact me

* I periodically offer 'Crystal Connection' classes, both on-line and in person. If you feel this is something that you would like to be a part of, please register your interest via the cotact page. I will let you know when the next class or activation day is occurring.