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21day Divine Light Infusions 

'Life -Support through Light -Support'

July 1st - December 21st


On the 1st day of each month, a Sacred space is created for all taking part in the Infusion process and each morning thereafter, the Light Frequencies are increased and built upon until the 21st of the month, when the daily Light Infusion process comes to completion.

Those taking part are held in a Living prayer of Light for 21 days as the Light of Divine Source works continuously and uniquely in the background for each person, bringing Light assistance on many levels of being, dependant on what is needed - this can range from gentle shifts and the simple feeling of greater support from the Universe, to quite noticeable improvements in varying aspects of everyday life. Each person receives exactly what is guided from their Higher Selves as they are held in this Sacred space, bringing forth greater alignment with their Divine potential. Each participant's Guides, Angels and Companions of the Highest Light are also present to assist in shifting into this potential and moving out of what no longer serves their Highest Good. 


The Infusions are very much about each one taking part and their ability to open to the Divine possibility that 'All Is Well', always. Whilst it does help with an individual's understanding to have experienced the way energy shifts and moves through remote Light Frequency Transmissions, it is not absolutely necessary. The Light works in the same way for All - it is simply delivered to each one through the Loving Wisdom of their Higher Selves, for their Highest possible outcome. It is important however, to be open to receiving what is on offer and to have a clear idea/intention for stepping forward with this work if you wish to get the best out of the opportunity because, as my Beloved Angels say, it truly is - 'As you allow, so shall you receive’. 

Reports of greater levels of inner-peace, clarity and focus, better and more restful sleep, increased prosperity, feelings of lightness and being more aligned are common, and those who have been consciously doing energy work over a period of time, often find that they have quite palpable shifts in their experiences. The thing to remember is that all is unique and perfect 'in every now moment' for the person receiving.


This Divine Service is a gift sent through Light in trusting and allowing ourselves to move beyond our perceived limitations and struggles and into our Highest Potential, and is a wonderfully simple way to begin opening in greater ways to the assistance of the Divine or accelerating an already practiced awakening process. 

When guided, there is added channelled assistance brought through in the form of short meditations, Language of Light activations and Frequency art to help each one participating to get the most from the Infusion energy. There is also the opportunity to experience 30 min mini-sessions - specially priced for participants needing assistance with integrating the Frequencies or as added Light activations/insights

Whilst taking part in these offerings is not compulsory, it is definitely suggested that each Infusion participant consciously connects in with their Heart Space for as long as they feel guided each day, as this enhances and builds a stronger connection to the Light, their Angels and Guides, and to the experience itself. This can be done for several minutes, for a single breath or for as long as is chosen - it is an individual experience to have so there is no right or wrong - it is just whatever feels comfortable within. It is extremely beneficial to also anchor daily into the Crystalline Heart of our Beloved Earth - this ensures that the Light assistance that each are receiving is able to integrate fully into the physical with as much Ease and Grace as possible.


As mentioned above, it is strongly encouraged that those choosing to step forward set a simple intent for the 21 days such as: being more open to receive, to have a greater sense of connection with the Light or their Higher Selves, for more Peace within, or Joy etc. to manifest into their daily experience. This shows the Universe that each is willing to allow the assistance to flow through and unfold in the Highest of ways. The clearer your focus of what you wish to experience, the greater the outcome, so where possible play with the energy of what you wish to create in your life and allow the Divine to assist. 

If you wish to join me and a wonderful group of Loving Hearts from around the world in the next Blessed Light Infusion, please use the contact form. All participants must be registered by the 28th of each month for their names to be included within the setting of the Sacred Space. 

21day Divine Light Infusion - $44 AUD

Infusions plus min-session - $99AUD

Many Blessings to All