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Healing sessions differ from a typical psychic reading, in that when they begin, I am not specifically seeking to connect you with lost loved ones or to give future predictions. Of course, these things do occur if it is appropriate at the time, but generally sessions revolve more around what is happening for you on an energetic level and as such, each session varies in content as everyone has different needs due to where they are in their lives, their past experiences, beliefs and perspectives.



Through my deep connection with the Divine, I have the ability to transmute old/discordant or stagnant energy vibrations and replace them with pure Light frequencies to bring healing to where it is most needed. These vibrations are often old emotions/experiences/thoughts etc. that get stuck within the etheric and physical bodies from both this life and past ones, and unknowingly by us, get triggered repeatedly and added to as we go about our daily lives. As this happens, they start showing up in uncomfortable ways such as: repeated patterns of experience, illness, aches and pains, anxiety, fears and phobias - the list goes on.

From the moment I connect with you in session, things begin to shift – this is an automatic process and ensures that any energetic vibration, program or belief that is no longer benefiting you and is out of alignment with your soul's Highest path has the opportunity to be lifted away, should you wish it to do so. Issues that have come in through your ancestral line are also highlighted where appropriate, bringing relief on many levels. Often as this clearing occurs I receive a mixture of intuitive messages through sight, feeling and sound in regards to particular areas of concern - these can be symbolic or actual glimpses through time, but they usually carry the essence of the issue being experienced. Throughout the session I bring through information for your acknowledgement, as well as any Light language sequences through spoken word, sign language or song to assist in the gentle release of what you are willing to let go of. As a highly sensitive empath, I see and am aware of whatever is being transmuted and then watch as your angels and guides oversee the beautiful Light frequencies, tones etc. that are brought in to replace what no longer serves you and thus, begin the healing process. 

Because we are all energy beings, distance sessions work in just the same way as if I were there with you in person. For international clients, Skype is a wonderful way to connect and within Australia, phone or Skype options are available. Occasionally, as my schedule and location allows, I do offer in-person sessions both here in Australia and overseas. - please enquire if this is of interest to you.  All potential new clients are gifted a free 15 minute consultation/chat before accepting bookings - this way we can discuss any questions you may have. 



Remember, each session is as unique as you are and outcomes are solely dependent on your openness and readiness to receive the assistance that is Divinely available to you, so please take a few minutes to read the testimonial page so that you can feel into what others are saying about their experiences. Trust your heart to guide you, as it surely will if you ask.



 Investment in you : $155 

If you book more than one session at the time of original booking : $135 per session *

Appointments run for approx. 1 hour, although due to the nature of this work, sessions sometimes do run a little longer.



If you feel that I may be able to assist you or to find out more, please Contact me to schedule your free consult.

Much Love xxx

                       *Additional / ongoing session/s must be taken within a month of previous appointment
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