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Michelle is the most amazing earth angel - her voice alone creates light within me.  When she talks in angelic Light language I feel the most incredible shifts within my whole being and when she sings with angelic Light language - I can almost hear the voices of angels all around me.  Healing with Michelle is the most unique experience I have ever had with any healer.  She is most definitely heaven sent.


Mel W.   England


I’m so very blessed & honoured to have crossed paths with & know dear Michelle. She has opened up & awakened my heart, mind, body & soul so much more than she’ll ever know. She truly is one beautifully amazing soul that is so connected and beams endless love and light.

What she has given to me in her sessions, words cannot describe and from the bottom of my heart I am & always will be forever grateful.

I will continue to turn to Michelle when I need guidance, healing, direction & clarification. Knowing very well just being in Michelle’s presence, she will evidently point me down my life’s pathway & bring me back into alignment, allowing me what I need all in divine timing.


With Love, Justine  

Gold Coast

As human beings on this earth, we are responsible for the life we choose to lead. Working with Michelle has been the biggest blessing for me so far in my 27 years; to cross paths and have the privilege to work together has been a life changing experience to say the least. I have had profound shifts within my being and would recommend Energy work with Michelle to everyone, even if they were at the top of their game, as we all have stuff that requires shifting in some form or another. 

Michelle, you are so in integrity with everything you do. I am so blessed to have you in my life, forever grateful and I couldn't ask for a better role model on my own spiritually awakening practice. Thank you for sharing your ways, your endless love, and light. Especially thank you for the tools, the non-judgement you hold no matter what, and the space you provide.


So much unconditional love - Teash

Gold Coast

You shine so bright. 🌟 

Michelle is an amazingly sensitive healer. Having an activation session with her is like having a 'professional tour guide' accompanying me on my journey into the spiritual realms. She was able to facilitate the journey and show me the way. A lot of high vibrations and frequencies came through and I felt an immediate energy shift during the session. Michelle also served as the extra pairs of eyes to add further insights and clarity to the overall experience. This profound experience has created a path of recognition in me. It has helped me in connecting deeper with my soul and the divine truth since.

Words are too limiting to describe this awesome activation session with Michelle. You just have to experience it yourself!

I am very blessed to have such a special experience.


Thank you Michelle for this wonderful gift! :) 



From the moment I met Michelle at our first session it was clear that she was sent straight from Heaven to help heal our world. You never know what to expect sometimes when meeting an energy healer for the first time and as she opened the door to greet me I was quickly reminded that our so called ‘expectations’ should be left at home.
Michelle is very much a pure and gentle soul. She is as down to earth as anyone I have ever met and always holds her clients Highest good at heart. Her truly amazing gift at connecting with not only her guides but with her client’s angels/guides as well is nothing short of remarkable. She has a wonderful way of helping you realise what is inside of you and your ability to go within and remember your connection at a soul level.
Over my time of seeing Michelle on a regular basis I have had some amazing experiences that have helped me grow and connect with my angels, seeing me move forward in areas of my life that have been somewhat challenging to say the least.
I highly recommend Michelle to any of you out there searching for a Higher meaning to the challenges that life seems to throw at you as there is always a deeper, underlying lesson waiting to be uncovered and healed.
I am and always will be forever grateful that our paths have crossed and will continue to enjoy our magical sessions together.

In Love and Light always,
Gold Coast, Aust​ralia

Michelle is an absolutely amazing healer and ener​gy worker. I am a totally different person since having healing sessions with her. ​

I have grown in such a positive way from her many different kinds of healing and cannot imagine where I would be without meeting her. ​I never before have ever experienced such a positive change in energy from the moment of arriving, and the moment of leaving the sessions - the shifts & clearings are amazing - she is a true Miracle worker for me. ​My life is forever wonderful from my continuing experiences with her. ​Thank you Michelle, from my highest self which you have helped me recognise. ​


Nicole, NSW

I had never experienced a healing or had any energy work done before meeting Michelle. It has changed my life! I feel like I am seeing the light that shines within myself and everybody around me. I have gained a greater understanding of who I truly am. I am now looking at the world with open eyes - I see the Light in everything.

Words cannot express this life changing experience. Every time I leave my session with Michelle my heart is so full of Love. I recommend Michelle with my highest praise. There is no down side to this work. Recognising and finally acknowledging your Highest Self is the best life journey you can go on.

This is a part of my life now and I couldn't be more at peace with my personal growth.

Everybody would benefit from seeing Michelle; why wouldn't you want to become the best version of your true self? In my opinion, it's the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

I have never felt more at peace within.

I thank you Michelle, and your beautiful gift everyday.


Love and Blessings,


New Zealand


My grandson was born in April 2008 and for the first nine months he did not thrive. He refused to eat and became very thin, had constant colds and cried a great deal. In January of 2009 Michelle gave him some distance healing and the improvement was immediate and outstanding and has continued. He is happier, healthier and thriving.​ Michelle also gave me a psychic reading in 2009, via the internet, which was accurate and very helpful. She pinpointed an event in my life and gave circumstances surrounding it. Michelle is able, if asked, to relay information regarding events and properties through remote viewing. ​I think she is an outstanding Medium, Psychic reader and Healer.​


Anne C. ​

England, UK.


I have been seeing Michelle for nearly a year now and so much has changed in my life because of her healing work. I view the world with a totally different perspective and have made so much progress in my spiritual development. I have gained a clearer understanding of myself and the world. It has changed my life and I am so enjoying this journey of self-discovery and awareness. I experienced some true physical results just recently. I have suffered from back pain for the last ten years and have tried many types of therapies with little or minimal results. I spoke to Michelle about this and she looked into the energy blockages around my lower back. After 2 sessions of clearing the very old and stagnant energy, the pain has diminished by 80%. I continue to receive regular energy clearing from Michelle, but I have to say that her sessions have 'physically' changed my life. Michelle has my highest praise and recommendation. She is a beautiful soul and truly gifted, but I am truly the blessed one to have met her as she guides me on my spiritual journey.


Much Love and blessings,

Jen R,

Gold Coast


Michelle’s work with me has helped bring to light, and clear, negative beliefs and habits of self-sabotage. Since working with Michelle, I've been able to make real progress in regards to my business and personal life. I have already recommended her services to others and will definitely seek her help again as other issues arise.

J.A. Gold Coast


My time spent with Michelle is without a doubt the most amazing journey I have embarked on. I feel blessed to see and feel the change within myself after having had only a few sessions.

I could not have asked for a more humble, honest, gentle, loving and caring intuitive healer like Michelle to guide me on my journey to reconnecting with my highest self. Her openness during sessions to help me further understand the experience by explaining everything that is happening and answering any questions I have has helped me to feel safe and loved.

I am so grateful for all she has helped me to open up to. I have every bit of confidence that Michelle's guidance will be an unbelievable journey for anyone who is open to believing. I recommend Michelle with my ultimate highest praise. Be prepared for an amazing transformation that is souly for you to enjoy and embrace <3


Thank you from the bottom of my heart Michelle xxx


Margaret Te Nahu,

Gladstone QLD



Michelle's gentle nurturing and understanding way reassured me how sincere and trustworthy she is, which ultimately gave me the confidence to get my energy healing done by her. I can wholeheartedly say taking the leap of faith and allowing myself to open up to Michelle and welcome healing has changed my life. I feel at peace with myself, I feel open and receptive and a lot more in-tune with myself and the world around me. Because Michelle is so gentle, relaxed, loving and kind you feel comfortable and safe with her. I give Michelle my highest recommendation and I have every confidence that if you see her, your life will change in ways you could only have dreamt of.


Nadene R

New Zealand





My spiritual journey with Michelle is amazing; her connection and explanation with what she feels and see's is so beautiful :) I always feel so warm, relaxed and safe when in session. I am so pleased with my personal outcome, I highly recommend this very special lady!


Cannot thank you enough Michelle <3



Gold Coast




With her compassion, sensitivity and absolute gorgeous nature, Michelle is like a diamond that seems to have been hidden and when you find her and experience (and you will experience) an energy healing session with her, you will without a doubt feel different and transform to never be the same again - only better and with more clarity - like a weight has been lifted. Her readings are always accurate and appropriate. She is extremely empathic, but all of her psychic senses are highly tuned in and her relationship with her Guides and Source is phenomenal. My only advice to anyone is to make sure that you are ready to change, because through Michelle, all the energies needed are definitely available, it's really up to you. I suggest you surrender and flow with it. With her, all is safe and appropriate, gentle and kind. All is okay. The dawn of a new day, you will smile in relief and gratitude to All That Is for having been guided to this diamond, Michelle. You will definitely smile in gratitude and love to this special and unique woman for assisting you in changing your life. Bless her. ​ ​ Michelle is as equally effective over the phone as she is in person. ​ ​



Bridget Kirwan​

Facilitator of Healing ​QLD​




"Healing sessions with Michelle are always soul-deep and uplifting. I feel cocooned in a gentle cloud of compassion, support and love. Michelle is highly intuitive with amazingly accurate insights. It is extremely comforting that at every step, she takes the time to explain what is going on, what the angels and guides are doing and the healing colours that they bring in. Every session leaves me lighter in heart and spirit! "



A few months ago Michelle visited my home for the first time and from the moment she arrived, Sheba, my Maltese x Shihtzu seemed to be doing her best to attract her attention. Throughout the visit she kept putting her front paws on Michelle's lap and opening her mouth as if she was trying to show her something. Sheba had never behaved this way with me. Michelle had a look in her mouth and suggested I take her to the vets to have her mouth checked. That same week I made an appointment and found out that Sheba had an infection in her gums. There was a build up of fur that had wrapped around one of her teeth and her gums had grown over the build up, causing the infection. She needed to have several teeth removed and antibiotics, but all has now healed well.

I found it quite fascinating how Sheba knew to communicate to Michelle that she needed help.
Gold Coast QLD
I was suffering from a very bad back, part sciatica but most pain was caused from pulled muscles. I was told by a doctor that it would take two years or more until the muscles would heal. Two years later there was still no relief. I recently had a healing over the phone with Michelle and I could not believe what happened, my back pain had gone. I can still feel some pressure in the background and have to watch my movements but I am a new person. This is really incredible. I also feel as if I am lighter in body somehow, a heaviness seems to have left my body and I have clearer thinking, it is mind blowing!
Vicki   Bundaberg Q


We, the Ewens family are forever in Michelle`s debt for having brought much comfort, compassion and healing when our family pet dog, Molly, lay in a coma for days at the Vet hospital after being mauled by another dog.  Due to her amazing gift to communicate with animals she was able to convey messages of love and forgiveness from Molly to us.  These messages helped and assisted all of us to come to terms and to finally 'let go and let God.'  Michelle also assisted in communicating and healing with one of our horses.  This mare is now fighting fit and training in dressage – again our gratitude abounds.

She is a beautiful, sincere and caring soul and we are eternally thankful and grateful for her many spiritual gifts and healing abilities that have helped, comforted and nurtured us in our time of need.  
We are truly, forever in her debt.

 With Love and many Blessings,
Ewens Family​ 2009


"Michelle is a beautiful and profoundly clairvoyant healer whose healings reach deep into the heart and soul to help you move forward on your path. Together with her wonderful guides, every healing session with her is unique and just perfect for that particular point in your life. She is a blessing."

Jasmine Miller, Singapore



We had trouble with our pug Chibi for a while when Michelle offered to help.  Chibi was getting very weary and ill and seemed out of puff and energy frequently.  Michelle has brought through healing for Chibi on a few occasions over the years and we are more than delighted with the results.  Michelle affirmed our concerns of Chibi’s health and well-being with great accuracy.  This is without ever meeting Chibi or seeing her environment, which astounded us.  Not only did Chibi’s overall health improve, but also her happiness and comfort went back to where it was before she was getting weary.  Michelle listened to us, and was able to provide great help whenever we needed it.  Michelle also helped us make sure Chibi was OK when we brought our newborn daughter into the family recently. 


We recommend Michelle very highly   
Andrew K

Gold Coast QLD


Not so long ago I had to make the awful decision on whether or not to have my beautiful Alaskan Malamute put to sleep. I'm telling you the breed of my dog as an example of how accurate Michelle is.  Anyway, the vet could not save my dog- she wasn't even a year old and here I was being asked to give my permission for the vet to take the life of someone so precious to me. I was overcome with grief and guilt and was scared my beloved dog would think that I didn't love her enough and that I gave up on her. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't talk to anyone about what had happened.
Then out of the blue, as often happens when something is not right with me, I received a text message from Michelle asking if I was ok, as she'd had a strange vision that she believed was somehow connected to me. I called her and asked her what she'd seen and Michelle told me that she'd had a 'visit' from an unusual-looking dog that she had not seen before. She went on to describe my beautiful Malamute to the letter – her colours, how big she was and even spoke of particular personality traits. She then told me it was as if this dog was smiling and that the message given was that she was ok.
In that instant I knew my dog did understand why I did what I had to do and that I loved her very much. Michelle gave me such a gift that day and I now know in my heart that all is well and I have been able to let go of my guilt. I will be forever grateful for the peace that I have now thanks to Michelle's very special gift, and a gift it is, as I didn't even confirm the dog was mine or tell her what had happened until after she finished speaking of what she'd seen and heard.
Although we don't get to see each other often, I feel honoured to call this beautiful, caring, understanding, non-judgmental person my friend and I am blessed just for knowing her. She makes the world a better place and will show you kindness and touch your heart in a way you've never known.
If you ever need guidance or healing of any kind please don't hesitate to contact her as I have no doubt she'll bless your life as she has mine.

Thank you,
Cindy  Gold Coast Q


When I initially sent Michelle a photo of my dog, Greta, via mobile phone, she instantly picked up and told me of Greta’s pain through her neck and spine, and also the great deal of anxiety she was feeling. This was exactly her condition! Such perception instantly allowed me to trust Michelle. As soon as Michelle began working with Greta via distance healing, she would settle and calm, and when Greta seemed to need extra assistance, Michelle was always willing to request the assistance of the angels on Greta’s behalf and again she would immediately relax. Michelle was able to hone in on the issue of trauma that had caused the anxiety issues and lead Greta to a place of healing. Michelle also performed a clearing of our home (also via distance) and cleansed some unfavourable energy from Ley Lines outside our home that Greta was very conscious and fearful of. ​I always found Michelle to be empathetic, generous and available when we needed her, and with such a beautiful spirit empowering us to take our own healing journey, I would recommend her services to anyone!


​Blessings, Christine​

Brisbane, Q