It is the intention of this offering to bring forward a Loving and Beautifully aligned experience of the Divine assistance that is available to all who are truly willing to receive it. Through all Language of Light and Divine Frequency Transmissions, you are held in an embrace of Divine Love which supports you in receiving all that is available and in alignment for you in that moment.

It is important to note that each session is as unique as the person receiving it and can often include the clearing out of any interference energies that may be brought to ‘Light’ during our time together - that which may have been hindering you and your forward movement - before the bringing forth of Sacred Codes, Keys and Activations of Light through Divine Languages, tones, song or sign language. Throughout this process you are profoundly supported by the presence of your Highest Self, your Guides, Angels and Divine Companions of Light.

From the moment I connect with you in session, things will begin to shift – this is an automatic process and ensures that any energetic vibration, program or belief that is no longer benefiting you and is out of alignment with your soul's Highest path has the opportunity to be lifted away. As a highly sensitive empath, I am made aware of whatever is being transmuted and then stand as witness as your Divine oversee the beautiful Light frequencies, tones etc. that are brought in to replace what no longer serves you and thus, begin the healing process.

Each session meets you perfectly where you are and, depending on your own personal needs, this can simply result in you feeling lighter and more aligned if this is what is guided for your session’s Highest Outcome. For some who are called to work with me, sessions can also serve as a powerful catalyst for much needed change for those who are choosing to embrace this in their lives. They can act as an acceleration point, if you will, for your greater opening and activation into the willingness required to step further into your innate Truth, thus assisting you to take the next steps towards the Life you truly came to live.

Sessions can be quite palpable for those receiving them, especially for anyone who is sensitive to energy, leaving no doubt that shifts have begun within and without. The transmissions delivered during our time together often continue for a few days and up to several weeks after the actual session ends, all over-Lighted by your Highest Self and your Divine to ensure that all that has come forward integrates in perfect timing for you to awaken in the most aligned way to the Infinite Potential that you hold within.  

Because we are all energy beings, distance sessions work in just the same way as if I were there with you in person and as such, sessions are conducted online via Zoom. You will be sent a Zoom link once your booking is confirmed through the calendar accessed through the button below.

Sessions run for approximately 60 mins, but due to the nature of this work they often run a little longer than this when necessary and guided by your Divine.

Investment in Self : $188 AUD

Remember, as mentioned above, each session is as unique as you are and outcomes are solely dependent on your openness and readiness to receive the assistance that is Divinely available to you. Please take a few moments to read the feedback on the 'Client Love' page so that you can feel into what others are saying about their experiences. Trust your heart to guide you, as it surely will if you ask.

I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in the Highest possible way.