Hello Beautiful Hearts!

This channelled image has been brought forward as a tool to support and assist those who are called to work with it to activate a greater remembrance of the Light they hold within and to help anchor this knowing here in the now where it is most needed.

'I Awaken' is the first image in a series of three images from the Return to Sovereignty series, 'I Awaken - I Align - I Embody’ and it will serve to assist in awakening dormant Codes of Light within the DNA that are now ready to come online to activate aligned forward movement during these times of powerful transition. It is over-Lighted by the Frequencies of Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony through Balance and is the first step in setting a strong and clear foundation as we step further into 2020 and beyond.

The image and the codes within it are Living expressions of Light - multi-dimensional in nature, they will continue to activate over time to meet you where you are and support you along the way as you awaken further to the Light that you are in Truth.

Follow your guidance in how you choose to work with the image and trust your Heart's wisdom in this - eg; many like to work with coded images passively by printing them out and placing them somewhere where they can be seen regularly - this allows the energy to filter through perfectly in whatever way is needed. Others like to save a copy of the image to their phones so that the codes activate each time the phone is opened. You could also choose to simply sit or meditate with the code, allowing the image to lead the way as it works with you and for you. There is no right or wrong way - all that is truly needed is your willingness to receive.

If you would like a High Res, watermark-free copy of this image to work with, please visit my Sign Up to Mailing List page and a copy will be made available to you upon sign up. My dearest wish is that you are embraced by the pure expression of Love brought forth from the Higher Realms and through which this image was created.

Many Blessings to you,


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The 'I Align' and 'I Embody' images will be released as guided.