You carry the Light of Source within. Your heart, it holds the key.
It knows the Truth of who you are and thus, can set you free.

It is with much Love that I welcome you to Infinite Truth of You - a place where you can access energy healing and guidance, find unique, hand-crafted crystal and stone jewellery and re-discover the Blessed Light you hold within.

Our world is changing rapidly; WE are changing rapidly and as the consciousness of the planet continues to rise, all that no longer resonates with the newer, Higher frequencies must be brought forth to be transmuted. This can create upheavals in our lives on many levels, but through remembering and deepening our connection with the Divine, we can move through this transformational time with greater Ease and Grace than ever before.


It is during these major shifts of awareness that you may find yourself in need of a little extra help in navigating what is showing up in your life and this is where I offer my assistance. Through healing sessions, Language of Light activations and intuitive guidance, I am with you as you take each step, empowering you to remember and embody your Highest expression. I walk beside you as you discover the beautiful Light that you are and always have been. This Light within is your Truth and it's there, waiting for the time that you choose to recognise its brilliance.

Whether you realise it in this moment or not, you are a powerful creator of your experience, and acknowledging this is the first step to changing that which no longer serves you and, as we travel this path together, it is my deep wish that you will allow your heart to guide you to your greatest freedom; this freedom being the recognition of who you truly are and always have been - Divine Love. Many Blessings, Michelle

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