A Transmission of Love….

January 6, 2021

In the early hours of yesterday morning (5.1.2021) the most Beautiful Heart Frequencies, over-Lighted by a Divine emanation of Peace, anchored for All to receive. I have been observing this new vibration gently flowing in since New Year’s morning when I was asked to bring forward a Transmission of Light at the ocean’s shore to re-activate and anchor specific Frequencies and Original Divine Template codes for the planet. The timing was perfect and the ‘before and afters’ were palpable. (more about that in a coming post)

In the Blessings of yesterday, as the Earth was immersed in these elevated Heart Frequencies there was a sudden stillness, albeit only temporary, where everything became noticeably One. As I glanced around me, the Consciousness of the trees, the water, the birds and all that was present with me in that moment could be felt within my Heart in such a way that tears of recognition of what was happening silently fell upon my cheeks. I could feel myself being pulled into a deep knowing of previously unfathomable Love - my Heart Field expanded beyond anything I have ever felt before and then the most Beautiful and profound Essence of Peace floated down around me, almost as if to seal in what had just anchored for us all. I stood there for I don’t know how long simply basking in the awareness of how Truly blessed and Loved we All are 💛

Know that each of you have already received all that I have spoken of whether you were consciously aware of it or not, as this is the way of the Ascension process, but if you wish to connect further, Breathe into what I have shared here, for these words are encoded with the Frequencies gifted to us - allow your Heart to open perfectly into its Infinite knowing and receptivity 💛😇💛

The Light Language Transmission recorded in the video below was a brief sharing of Love with this Beautiful tree a short while after this anchoring occurred. The feeling of Peace was still very present 💛☀️💛