August and the Violet Light…

August 26, 2022

‘Ee ah na shah ney ee towa ny he’

The month of August is always a time in which the Earth is immersed in increasing layers of High intensity Violet Light. In recent years the August influx has grown quite tangibly, so much so that an over-Lighting Violet hue can often be seen in the air and water all around us. It has become easily visible to the naked eye and interestingly, it can be felt quite palpably within the cells of the body when in conscious connection with it.

My Divine shared with me many years ago that the reason for this annual influx is manifold and seemingly to me, most timely, as it becomes increasingly accessible to all here as the Earth is energetically reset through and around the timing of the Lion’s Gateway. Due to the nature of the Violet Ray’s Process of Transformation and Transmutation it serves as an added catalyst for much needed change, both personally and collectively, as we continue our evolutionary move ever forward into Higher Timelines and Expressions of Consciousness. The increased Violet Frequencies also serve as a powerful support mechanism for All Life upon the planet as momentum builds through the often accelerated Frequencies leading into the last quarter of the calendar year. This support and opportunity to make lasting change is available and unfolding for all Hearts during this time, as nothing can remain unaffected by this Violet Light. For some these shifts are felt more intensely than for others - each is perfect. It simply unfolds uniquely for all, in alignment with their Soul’s plan for this Life.

And so it is for many that through this past month we have been gifted with the added opportunity to take another deep dive into the often unseen layers held within us that are coming up for release. It has also offered us a significant boost of clarity to see and address that which is no longer working in our lives and to make powerful choices on how we wish to continue moving forward.

Much has been shown to us through our dreamtime or repeated themes appearing in our daily lives, thus giving greater insights into what may potentially have been holding us back from accessing and experiencing more of our Soul’s Truth. Whether this has involved ‘run-ons’ from past lives/ancestral patterning, unresolved trauma, inner-child responses, out-dated belief systems or any number of other expressions held within our consciousness, for many these things have suddenly been brought hurtling out of a long-forgotten past to land fully 'front and centre' into the unfolding of the now to be acknowledged.

It is not uncommon that during these influxes of Light profound realisations are brought into our awareness through an increase in discordant outer-world experiences, through our inner-world via heightened and intense emotions or anxiety and for some, it may manifest physically through seemingly random, yet debilitating aches and pains, nausea, headaches, sleeplessness and a variety of other physical expressions. If you have noticed an intensity building recently around anything you have just read, know that what is unfolding is serving as a powerful resource for you to uncover exactly what is needed at this time in your Soul’s journey - Honour this.

If this has been your experience, I am encouraged here to re-mind you that although often overwhelming, these moments are not to be feared, as it is simply the Soul’s way of showing us exactly where we need to place our attention so that we can move beyond perceived limitation and/or struggle and step more surely onto our path Homeward to Self. We can rest somewhat in the awareness that all is indeed serving a purpose on a Soul level, even if we don’t always understand it cognitively and if we can soften into this knowing, we open ourselves up to allowing what needs to be acknowledged, surrendered, uplifted and transmuted to do so with far more ease than it otherwise would. It is through this process that we are brought back into a greater sense of Wholeness once more.

As August quickly draws to a close in the days ahead and the intensity of the Violet Light softens as September beckons us into another changing of the seasons, many are likely to start noticing an increasing sense of freedom within that has been created by all that has been shifted out recently. This is to be celebrated, as our Souls have led us perfectly to this pivotal point of expansion in preparation for the accelerated energies ahead. Does this mean that most things in our lives are suddenly going to just fall into place? Not necessarily, but I am shown that there will be noticeable differences in how we experience/perceive ourselves and the world around us, resulting in a deeper sense of Trust in our Soul's Wisdom and Timing for those who are open to experiencing this. As I write, September thankfully looks to be gifting us some much needed space to slow down a little and catch our breath after the seemingly non-stop intensity of recent months. This potential reprieve will offer us an opportunity to review where we've been and to check where we may be placing our attention before again launching ourselves wholeheartedly into the next phase of our Soul's adventure towards the end of the month. I can't help but smile at the image being shown to me as I see a platform of Light with many Souls standing upon it, each excitedly preparing for the moment to Leap forward - there appears to be a sureness and anticipation for what is to come. With this image I feel a wave of immense Joy fill my Heart and I know that in Truth, regardless of any outward appearances to the contrary, All Is indeed Well - the tide is turning.

Dearest Hearts, I thank you for your Presence here and I wish you well. Stay strong in your knowing that you have more support than you could ever imagine. It is with you within every Heartbeat, within every breath, for you are a Divine expression of Source Itself in manifest form and Love is your Truth.

In Gratitude, always

Michelle xxx

Photo capturing the Violet hue on the morning of 17th August