Energy update…

June 20, 2022

Another Beautiful portal of Light has opened during the past 24 hrs - this one with a specific focus upon the Heart, with both the physical and energetic aspects being addressed simultaneously. In alignment with the Solstice Frequencies already being felt, this portal is shown to be highly activating, cleansing and unifying throughout the many layers of Consciousness that exists within these Sacred chambers, leading us another step closer towards a state of Original Innocence which existed as our Truth long before any wounding began.

Seemingly lost throughout time, this Innocence is now being brought forward to us again moment by welcomed moment as we each begin to recognise more consciously the Divine Essence we have always been. These moments are increasing through our awareness as we open to, and most importantly receive, the immense Love that is flowing in for us at this time to support our ongoing return to our original state.

May each one of you open your Heart in the days ahead to all that is aligned and in resonance with you and may you Truly come to know a Greater expression of the Love that you are.

Michelle xxx