A Powerful Time…

June 13, 2022

A Beautiful incoming of Light

New levels of glorious Golden-Diamond Light have been flowing onto the Earth in waves for several weeks now, activating on a physical level long dormant Frequency set points connected to our Original Divine Templates in preparation for some major shifts coming forward in the months ahead. These will be felt through to the end of the year at least and the potential within them will be quite transformative for many. All is being readied now so that we may navigate this time ahead with as much ease as possible.

Surprisingly, this inflow has actually been quite visible to the naked eye on many occasions since it began - I’ve noticed it simply floating in the air and touching upon all around me, creating the most Beautiful rainbows, sometimes even in places where there has been no obvious visible light source to create them. There was also an experience a few days ago where within seconds of stepping outside into the sunshine, I felt the whole top of my head open up and I witnessed streams of the most brilliant Light flowing in, through and around me and this energy remained with me for almost an hour, long after I’d ventured back inside. So fascinating to observe!

Over the past week I have been guided several times to go outside and ‘capture’ specific sun codes that feel particularly enhanced by the Light flowing in and so I am sharing some of them here. The Colour Frequencies and Geometries can be felt quite strongly if you receive them through your Heart and feel to hold layers of information within them. I have connected with the photos regularly in recent days and have felt immediately uplifted and re-energised in a way that I can’t quite find words for. I Trust you will feel them too 😍

With this latest influx of Light, the Supermoon and other planetary alignments that have been unfolding in the lead up to Solstice next week, I have been consistently urged by my guides to send out a little reminder about the importance of connecting with nature at this time as she is one of our Greatest Allies during this current energetic expansion. Although we hear about the power of nature often, we don’t necessarily always heed the call as our lives can be busy and filled with distractions that tend to take precedence over much needed ‘time out’ to nurture and refresh our energy.

Getting outside into nature is one of my favourite daily 'go to’s’ as it can be profoundly therapeutic and deeply anchoring simply by her Being the Essence that she is. Even 5-10 minutes here and there throughout our day is of great benefit to us, especially to our nervous system which is under an added amount of stress at the moment.

Whenever I’m able, I Love to wander outside and stand with my bare feet upon the earth, or to enter into my Heart as I walk and gently touch or interact with the plants, trees, flowers and all Life around me. I also Love to simply close my eyes and lift my face to the sun for a few moments. I find this powerfully centring, for I always notice an automatic shift in my breathing to a much deeper, slower rhythm which assists any tension I may be feeling to quickly melt away.

When by the ocean, I Love to let my feet sink deeply into the sand at the water’s edge and allow myself to feel the pure consciousness of the water, sky and earth filling my senses. This is particularly grounding as my feet are symbolically ‘planted' under the surface and it IS recognised energetically within the body.

Connecting with the natural world through the Heart in these ways and taking a moment to simply ‘Be’ in this space is such a Blessing to each one of us and as an added bonus, it can help open up communication centres within us that are conduits for expanded awareness and experiences that are actually a part of our Truest Expression. We all have this potential within us and these centres are simply waiting to be tapped into through our Heart-Soul connection. This is true also when working with our crystal and stone companions, something which I will write more about at another time.

Of course, there is so much more that could be added in depth here in regards to other simple steps we can take to nurture ourselves in the weeks and months ahead such as - keeping ourselves comfortably hydrated to assist our bodies in integrating Higher Frequencies, taking time to go within through meditation or other practices, eating cleanly (fresh and nutritious food), listening to beautiful music that touches the Soul, for example, but as the guidance for this post was focussed purposely on reminding to connect with Nature herself, I will close for now.

Know that I wish you all so much Love and a gentle and ease-filled time ahead.
Until next time xxx