The Gift of the Rose…

May 19, 2022

The Gift of the Rose

 A message from the Divine Mother...

'Dearest One,

I Love You, you know, for no other reason than ‘just Because You are You.

Can you receive this without question? Can you feel the Truth within my words?

The Roses you see before you are a symbol of my Love. Feel into their Essence, their Beauty and see the reflection of You too in their image. Choose one or choose many to take with you into your day. It is up to you, for my Love for you is infinite and ever-present. You only have to welcome it; to simply say YES!

Take this Knowing into your Heart and sit with it if you must. Allow it to permeate all that you are so that it may blossom into the Remembrance of the Love that has always been yours to receive and express. Feel your Heart fill to overflowing - it will come - and when it does, I ask that You gift a Rose to another Heart, so that they too may know this Truth is theirs also

Each one is Love in pure expression and so are You.

I Love You.’

This message came forward several days ago as I found myself suddenly standing before an array of Roses for sale at my local shopping centre. I had been pulled towards this display with such a strength that even my preoccupation with my busy day ahead could not deny it. I know these pulls well as they have unfolded  in similar ways over many years and I know that there is no ignoring them. I gathered and purchased the Roses that called to my Heart and then did as I was asked and Joyfully shared them and the message out into the world.

Today I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you who have begun sharing with me how you have ‘gifted a Rose’ to another Heart since my earlier post. It is Truly Beautiful to know that this Loving request from the Divine is flowing forward like this.
Whether it’s been through photos shared with those far away or the gifting of physical Roses to those near and dear, each Rose has carried with it Your Loving intent and what a Blessed gift that is to All, simply in and of itself!

As I wrote my post a few days ago, I was continuously shown an image of the most Beautiful Light-streams, carrying the Frequency of the Rose within them, weaving their way from one Heart to another, and then another, and another, until they began appearing all over the world. Small and scattered at first, they expanded outwards touching more Hearts, until a breathtaking tapestry of Light could be seen coming into Being. I was told, ‘ it’s time.’

This is the power of the Rose - of the Codes of Love and Divine Remembrance that She carries within Her Essence. This is also the power of You!

Connect with your heart now and feel into this imagery. What do you notice? Can you feel this Divine Potential offered?

Again, I thank you for the part you are playing in this Conscious anchoring of these Blessed Frequencies at this time through this simple Service. I can assure you that it IS recognised and greatly Honoured 🙏

May the Love of the Divine Mother and the Presence of the Rose surround and uplift you always. Within every Breath and every Heartbeat, may you know that you are Held 🌹

Michelle xxx